Agent LTC Training Requirement

This announcement is directed to insurance agents intending to sell long term care insurance products in Massachusetts, whether  you hold a MA resident license, or are from another state.

There is a training requirement for any agent intending to sell long term care insurance in Massachusetts, whether it’s a traditional plan, hybrid plan, or life insurance with a long term care rider attached.  Every agent must have completed an initial 8 hour NAIC course, and then 4 hour refreshers every 24 months.  One of those 2 courses needs to be taken in Massachusetts, in order to cover the Medicaid requirements in that state.  If an agent has taken a different state’s 8 hour NAIC Partnership training, Massachusetts will allow the 8 hours, but there is a specific Medicaid requirement that must be completed that is included in a 4 hour course.   Other long term care courses, such as CLTC, or misc. CE courses on Long Term Care will not satisfy this requirement.

There are several course providers offering the specific NAIC training classes online.  One such site is: www.WebCE.com.  There are others offering the same courses.  Older agents who are exempt from CE requirements are not exempt from this LTC training.  Make sure you save your completion certificates indefinitely, because there is no other entity that holds on to copies of your LTC training records.    You will need to present these to any company you are getting appointed to when submitting LTC business.